Bleacher Report's Scott Miller joined Monday's edition of Overtime. 

Hear him and Thurn talk about the Minnesota Twins letting manager Ron Gardenhire go. Listen to the full conversation and read part of it below:

The Minnesota Twins let go Ron Gardenhire today. Thurn asks Miller what his initial reaction was:

"You know I am a little conflicted. He's a great and terrific. I think he's a really, really good manager and baseball guy. So from all those angles I hate to see this day coming. That said, four ninety loss seasons in a row, you know I watched the press conference and Gardy hit the nail on the head as he usually does. It's about wins and losses on the field and it might be time. He said himself, I think Terry Ryan is doing the right thing. He said these guys it might be time for a new voice in this clubhouse. You could tell, it was a really, really hard day for him. He loves that organization and he said as much. He said I'll be rooting for them. He's a Twin. Sometimes it's too bad things don't work out so a guy can spend his whole life in the organization, but it's a business and that's the other end of it. You know Target Field, it's a different organization. The Twins are in Target Field vs. the Metrodome. Expenses are higher, attendance has been declining and you have a higher payroll, all that money you owe Joe Mauer. It probably is time for a different voice."

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