Scott Van Pelt & Ryen Russillo joined Jeff Thurn on Wednesday's edition of Overtime on ESPN 99.1.

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Van Pelt and Russillo on if Tiger will win another major:

Scott - "Sure. Forever is a long time, and people are impatient. So, he looked bad at Torrey Pines. He had a crap round, does that mean he's never going to win again? People wrote his obituary post-scandal. Dan Jenkins called him graveyard dead. Well, he's a zombie because he's back and was player of the year last year. They play four majors every year. This year, three he's one on, one where he finished runner-up. If he doesn't win one this year, start sounding he's never going to win alarm, but it ignores fact he can play in his 40's and still contend. A guy like Fred Couples still goes to Masters in his 50's and is in last group of the weekend. So, it's not like a sport like the NFL, where you are done when you are 35. Sure I think he wins another major, I think wins multiple majors. "


Ryen - "I've never understood writing someone off in that sport. I use this analogy and I don't think we've ever used it before. We were on in Nashville recently. One of the guys was a Kentucky guy, and something you've talked about in Kentucky basketball program. I don't think it's a flawed program at all because they won a title, got to a Final Four, and regional final. Not like they are going 15-15. Can apply to Tiger thing and those of you that are saying he's dead, it's not like he's missing the cut every single weekend. Still playing really well in some tournaments and will eventually come together in one of the four big ones."


Van Pelt and Russillo on Sunday's headlines with Super Bowl 48:

Scott - "Defense trumps offense. Using history as a guide, typically prolific offenses rarely perform, but if there's anybody that will make you look like a fool for say that, it's Peyton Manning. Picking against him is not fun at all, I'm banking on Seattle's defense and ability to run football and possess the ball out of his hands is enough to win the game."


Ryen - "It's pretty funny how you look at this match-up historically, and where this team's rank in the past 30 years offensively for Denver and defensively for Seattle because you can make an argument for Seattle that their defense isn't just No. 1 this year, that it's one of the all-timers. Not saying it's Baltimore, or Tampa Bay, statistically was with Warren Sapp, but it's funny because they played against second easiest offensive schedule in the league and uh-oh this is going to be a huge challenge for Denver. Denver with all the points they put up, 606 yards, almost 150 more than anybody in the league, played against third-easiest schedule. Actually had based on how they play, the easiest possible paths to look this impressive. So, I'm not telling you Denver or Seattle isn't that good, but not in love with it, but just like Seattle's defense a little more."


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