BROOKINGS, S.D. -- South Dakota college students, a football game, a former member of NSYNC and a budget hotel chain helped break the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest pillow fight Saturday.

Super 8 provided the pillows, TV host and former boy band member Joey Fatone provided the celebrity and University of South Dakota and South Dakota State University students and others provided the pillow fighters.

Held at SDSU’s Coughlin-Alumni Stadium, the effort saw exactly 4,201 students, alumni, parents and fans take part the pillow fight challenge during the South Dakota Corn Showdown Series, a head to head match-up between in-state rivals USD and SDSU.

The record-breaking attempt occurred between the first and second quarter of the game and lasted for 60 seconds, per official Guinness rules. The effort broke the previous record of 4,200 participants, which was set earlier this year.

Super 8 opened its first motel in Aberdeen, South Dakota in 1974 and used to be headquartered in the Hub City.

And the pillows won’t go to waste.

Immediately following the event, participants were encouraged to donate their pillows to Feeding South Dakota, the philanthropic group benefiting from the South Dakota Corn Showdown Series. Feeding South Dakota will in turn distribute the pillows to households in need throughout the state.