The 2014 MLB Home Run Derby and All Star Game have been sold out for some time now.

But in todays world, that does not mean you can't get easy access to tickets via the secondary market.

A great way for fans who couldn't get their hands on tickets from the box office to enjoy the All Star Festivities.

But as in life, if you want something in high demand, you must be willing to pay.

This year, the HR Derby tickets on the secondary market have dropped some.  With most tickets having a average face value of around $200+, PrairieTickets and StubHub among others have them listed under face value.

However, on the flip side of things, the All Star Game itself is garnering solid cash on the secondary market.  Most tickets on the aforementioned sites are selling for over face value, but talking to a prominent broker in Minneapolis, he said he anticipates the market to even out as Tuesday approaches.

Comparing it to last years game at CITI Field in NYC, this years prices on the secondary market are a bit lower, but that is to be expected considering the market size of Minneapolis v. that of New York City.

So there is still time left for you to get in on history!