Atlus parent company Index was in a spot of bankruptcy trouble recently, which put the fate of the company's holdings in jeopardy. Luckily, Sega has swooped in to purchase Index, and save Atlus from a less than desirable fate.

According to Bloomberg, Sega Sammy won the auction to buy out Index Corp on Sep. 17. The acquisition of Index will reportedly cost Sega ¥14 billion (US $141 million), but the exact details of the deal have yet to be divulged.

There were believed to be up to 20 other companies bidding on Index Corp, with the prized gem of the collection being Atlus. Developer of a myriad of titles, but known more recently for the popular Persona series, Atlus being added to Sega's publishing arm gives the Japanese company a bit more clout in the console market. As the deal only just when final, no future plans have been revealed in regards to how Sega and Atlus will work together.

Still, that Atlus will continue to develop and publish its strong library of RPGs and unique IPs is a good thing. Now we just have to cross our fingers and hope Atlus' history of bringing cult Japanese games to the States influences Sega to start doing the same.