Yesterday on Inside the NBA on TNT, the producers of the show decided to give Shaq the controls to both Charles and Kenny's chairs. It led to another hilarious segment for the overly entertaining show.

During the course of the segment, Shaq proceeded to move Charles' chair down causing Kenny to start making jokes about Chuck eating too many desserts at the catering bar.

To much surprise, once Kenny started to break down the game his chair started to move as well. Kenny and Charles has no idea what was going on until Ernie Johnson spilled the beans that Shaq was behind it all.

Props to Shaq for pulling it off without giving it away. I would have been laughing uncontrollably.

This season has been a magnificent season of Inside the NBA. Earlier this season, the crew attempted to get Charles to join in on a musical party. They failed, but we did get Shaq playing the drums.