Packer's back-up quarterback Graham Harrell's less than stellar performance against the Browns on Thursday -- 12-24, 2 interceptions -- has some pwople thinking the Pack should trade for Colt McCoy.

McCoy, last season's starter in Cleveland, has been replaced by rookie draft pick Brandon Weedon (Oklahoma State).

ESPN's Adam Schefter talked about just such a trade in his weekly mailbag.

"Cleveland would be willing to deal McCoy for the right price, no matter what it says and the Packers could use McCoy as much as any team in the league right about now. He would be great insurance for [Aaron] Rodgers and give the Packers the type of backup they would need to sustain their playoff hopes in the event of an injury."

ESPN's Kevin Seifert argues that it may be a deal worth making.

"On the one hand, a fifth-round draft pick is a fair price for a backup quarterback with starting experience. While most teams would suffer if it lost its starter, the hope for a good backup is that he can keep a good team in playoff contention. Consider it the difference between Caleb Hanie of the 2011 Chicago Bears and, say, Gus Frerotte of the 2008 Minnesota Vikings. At the moment, McCoy appears more qualified to do so than Harrell."

What do you think? Should the Packers continue to develop Harrell, or go shopping for a new back-up QB?