When a player is struggling, it's not just the fans who notice. Players and coaches usually notice even sooner, but should they call their struggling teammates out?There was some controversy this past summer when then-Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine called out infielder Kevin Youkilisfor not being "emotionally" into the game. The result? Youkilis was traded, and Bobby V. is unemployed.

Now, the same thing is happening in Los Angeles. Kobe Bryant and new Lakers coach Mike D'Antoni both criticized Pau Gasol for "coasting" up and down the floor. Gasol was even benched for a bit.Now it's been revealed that Gasol has been playing with tendinitis, which could easily explain the appearance of not going all-out.

Some say this sort of thing should stay in the locker room, while others think it's fine for players to be called out in public.