It's a new day and age in the NFL where trade requests are turning into trades.

There was once a notion that a trade demand was just that, a demand and not a automatic way out.

But as we have seen with Antonio Brown, Jadeveon Clowney and now Minkah Fitzpatrick, teams are willing to move on in exchange for a high quality future draft pick.

The latest to request a trade is Jaguars All Pro defensive back Jalen Ramsey.

This has been boiling for a while, but this last Sunday it may have hit a breaking point as Ramsey and the Jags head coach Doug Marrone got into a heated battle on the sideline.

That exchange was followed up with a trade request by Ramsey on Monday.

So, should the Minnesota Vikings trade for Ramsey?

Before Vikings fans dismiss the idea, think about the possibilities.

You could trade one of your current starting DB's for Ramsey and a late round pick or you could trade a backup and a better pick and have a ton of depth in the defensive backfield that would elevate it to elite status.

Xavier Rhodes and Trae Waynes are good but they aren't Jalen Ramsey.

Ramsey is a future Hall of Famer if he continues at this pace and there is no reason to think he wont.

Plus if you trade away Rhodes, then you can free up some money to sign Ramsey long term, essentially a win win all around.

Today's NFL is all about the passing game and defenses are already at a disadvantage, so trading for a star like Ramsey makes all the sense in the world for any team trying to capture a championship this season.

The assumption is that there will be many teams vying for the services of Ramsey via trade but I would really like to see the Vikings make that move.

Minnesota is currently 1-1 and will host the 1-1 Oakland Raiders in Minneapolis on Sunday.