The NBA D-League has its positives and negatives.

Lower pay than overseas teams can pay players, attendance issues and all the moving parts cause some sports fans to shy away from becoming fans of the D-League.

All of those are valid issues and the NBA D-League is surely working to improve those areas.

But the positives of the league certainly out weigh the negatives.

Those positives include the opportunity to go back and forth from the actual NBA, exposure in America, rehab assignments, direct affiliations with NBA teams and allowing NBA caliber players the opportunity to develop as a player with NBA personnel.

Plus, the NBA D-League began an event called the NBA D-League Showcase to allow NBA GM's, front office personnel and scouts to descend on one location to get a look at all the teams in the league and the players on those rosters.

This year it is again in Reno, NV at the Reno Events Center from January 5th- January 9th.

Many NBA teams take the opportunity to assign players to the D-League affiliates during the showcase in order to either see what interest is out there from other teams in regards to a possible trade as well as just giving their scouts a opportunity to watch those specific players play in that environment.

For example, at the 2014 NBA D-League Showcase, guys like Hilton Armstrong, Ricky Davis, Jarvis Varnado, DeAndre Liggins, Reggie Williams, Josh Howard and Jamario Moon who all have NBA experience will be playing in the showcase.

Plus, rumors are circulating here in Reno that possibly we will see Rajon Rondo in a rehab stint playing for Maine in the showcase as well.

In addition, CBS Sports Network will air some showcase games and you can always watch D-League Games LIVE on YOUTUBE.

So as players continue to try and take their career to the next level, the NBA D-League and specifically their showcase allow these great opportunities.

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