Wow.  What a week in Sioux Falls.  With the appropriate revelry surrounding Jazzfest relieving a little pressure, very little can block out the tragedies.  

Vehicle accidents featuring motorcycles, pedestrians and bicyclists around the city have taken lives.  This is not some tremor that we feel then forget.  Painfully deep wounds are present that will take years to mend.

Sioux Falls as a growing community still has the close-knit properties present in small-towns.  Many who move here came from that environment where neighbors look out for each other.  It is very likely that you know someone who had a piece of their life ripped away from them.

Time has arrived to be that person to show love and mercy to the friend, co-worker, family member who is suffering regardless of when the loss happened.  Don’t be afraid to reach out as one who wishes to comfort.