The city council voted to ban ticket scalping in Sioux Falls. But before you get all up in arms about it, keep calm, scalp on.

The ordinance would only ban the resale of tickets above face value within a half mile of the venue. That means you can still sell them outside the venue for face value or less.

The ordinance does nothing to keep you from gouging people on eBay for a hot pair of tickets.

The city didn't even want to do it. The most behind the times organization in the world, the NCAA, will not schedule big events in cities that don't have this minimum statute on the books to prevent scalping. The NCAA obviously has not heard of Stub Hub or the website's massive section devoted to the buying and selling of NCAA basketball tournament tickets.

So Sioux Falls now has a scalping ordinance. Hooray! Now lets get back to the business of enforcing that texting while driving ban. Ha!