Get ready now for the final pass from the City Of Sioux Falls crews picking up tree branches from your property. You need to have the piles in place for the last pick-up.

City workers have been continually cleaning up from the massive ice storm that hit Sioux Falls in April. Workers and residents have coordinated extremely well in getting things cleaned up.

What was something that looked like a horror movie, is now looking nice again. Many trees got hit hard everywhere you look.

Sioux Falls City officials will announce the schedule for the final pass of branch pickup at a news conference on Wednesday at 2 p.m.

'Sioux Falls residents have been extremely helpful in the cleanup and recovery process,' says Mark Cotter, Director of Public Works. 'When the crews begin the final pass of the city to pick up branch piles, we want to ensure residents understand when they need to have their piles ready and how to continue to partner with us in the cleanup efforts.'

The City’s Comprehensive Branch Management Plan, coined Operation Timber Strike!,
includes four parts: branch removal, branch disposal, arbor work, and volunteer promotion.