Next week Sioux Falls City Finance Director Tracy Turbak will ask the City Council for $8 million. The money would be transferred from the reserve to the general fund to pay for clean up of trees and branches after the April ice storm.

According to Turbak there is approx $41 million in the reserve account, so the transfer will not cause any problems with any other city business or contracts. He made his statements on KSOO's Viewpoint University on Thursday.

The subject of taking FEMA money was also discussed. While Turbak agreed that the lack of discipline by the federal government to get spending under control, he stated that not taking the money would only be a symbolic gesture and would not in any way affect the federal debt or deficit.

Based on preliminary numbers the city could receive approximately $6.8 million from the federal and atate government to pay for clean up.

When it was pointed out that over 2.5 million of those dollars Uncle Sam would have to borrow, further putting the country in debt, he had no comment except to say that the city qualifies for the money and he believes it is responsible for the city to take it.

From my perspective, we may qualify, but it is not responsible to take it when the acceptance of the money puts all of us and our children further in debt.

I hope the council will pass a resolution thanking city staff and FEMA for a job well done, but decline the money. Our situation was NOT a disaster, or a crisis. We were inconvenienced for a few days. We have the money to pay our bills and I think we should.