A Sioux Falls man is accused of raping a five-year-old family member Monday evening.

Police spokesman Sam Clemens says a husband and wife who live at the Sioux Falls Inn, at 1300 West Russell Street, had left with one child to go to a store around 7:00 pm Monday, leaving a 22-year-old son to care for two other children, a five-year-old daughter and an infant son.

He says they returned soon after when the woman realized she had left her wallet in the room, but he says she found the five-year-old girl naked from the waist down and the 22-year-old with her.

Clemens says Kaleb Joseph Makey was arrested on charges of sexual contact with a child under the age of 16 and first-degree rape.

Clemens says Makey had left by the time police arrived, but he was located a few blocks away in the 600 block of North West Avenue.