A Sioux Falls man is charged after police say he drove drunk with a two-year-old child in his car.

Police were called around 7:30 PM Tuesday to a day care on South Carolyn Avenue, where the man's girlfriend works.

Officer Sam Clemens says the man was supposed to be at home with the couple's child when he showed up at the day care and walked in by himself. He says the man's girlfriend was pretty sure he was intoxicated, and she tried to get him to leave the building.

He did so, but when workers locked the door behind him he went over to his car and punched the window, cutting his hand.

Clemens says the man let the child get out of the car and go into the day care.

Police were called and 21-year-old Jacob Lee Hauglin was arrested for DWI-second offense and abuse or cruelty to a minor under the age of 7.

Clemens says Hauglin's blood alcohol content was measured at .215, more than two-and-a-half times the legal limit.