A 29-year-old Sioux Falls man has told police he was robbed at knifepoint early Thursday as he walked in the area of West 11th Street and South Covell Avenue.

Information Officer Sam Clemens says the man told police he was walking between midnight and 2am near the railroad tracks on 11th when he met two men and one woman coming from the other direction.

The man says the woman kept walking, but the two men ran up, tackled him and yelled at him to give them his money and his cellphone.

One man who had a knife sat on the victim and cut him on the neck, while the other kicked the victim but stopped and went through his pockets.

He took the man's cash and the two robbers left.

Clemens says the victim didn't report the incident until Thursday afternoon when he went to a hospital because he wasn't feeling well and people at the hospital called police.

He was able to describe his assailants only as two Native American men, one of them shorter ane heavy-set, and the other tall and skinny.

The victim had a cut on his neck that Clemens says was not serious.