The Sioux Falls City Council has unanimously rescinded the rule banning Mixed Martial Arts competition at City-owned facilities.

Councilor Christine Erickson brought the proposal because South Dakota has recently formed an Athletic Commission to oversee the safety of competitors. “Our South Dakota Athletic Commission has 48 pages of rules and regulations of what they can and can’t do. (The sport) is really scrutinized. They’re the experts.”

Back in 2005, the ban narrowly passed because of different standards and few safeguards.

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Tom Allstott who is certified by the South Dakota Athletic Commission as judge of MMA competitions states that events have already taken place in Sioux Falls at the Sanford Pentagon. “It’s already here. The debate is not whether we should have it. Can we open it up to a bigger facility than where we currently hold it.”

Allstott adds that repealing the rule opens up avenues for high profile organizations such as Ultimate Fighting Championship to consider Sioux Falls as a venue to host bouts.