Sioux Falls native Ben Nguyen had no problems at UFC 193 as he won his second UFC fight in the first round over Ryan Benoit.

It only took 2:35 as Nguyen quickly got Benoit to the ground and finished him off with a rear naked choke to get Benoit to tap out.

Nguyen now moves to 14-5 in his professional MMA career and 2-0 in his UFC career.

Sioux Falls has little recognition on the national level as a MMA powerhouse but Nguyen is looking to change that and off to a fast start.

The pure fact that Nguyen represents the state and city he's from so well is one of the many things I like about the young fighter.  His passion is another aspect that I love about Nguyen.

According to, Ben had this to say following his fight.

“I just feel unbelievable,” Nguyen said. “Being in front of the crowd in Melbourne, my new home country (of Australia), I couldn’t feel any better than this. I was just persistent in the submission (attempt). A lot of people see me as a striker, but I’m equally good as a grappler.”

Having talked to Ben before myself on my radio show, it's clear that Nguyen knows that his career is just beginning and the sky is the limit for this young UFC fighter who truly could turn into one of the sports stars in the Flyweight division.