Sioux Falls Police Information Officer Sam Clemens says a drug deal went bad outside Best Buy Monday night.

"Couple of guys went to sell some marijuana to some other guys. While they were discussing the price, our suspect who was planning to buy the drug displayed a handgun and threatened the two guys. He took the marijuana as well as a cell phone and credit cards. One of the victims ended up reporting it to police. Eventually the story came out of what happened. We were able to use a cell phone tracking app to find his missing cell phone. Officers found the phone at 26th and Louise in Sioux Falls. They stopped the car. That ended up being our suspect. Officers found the missing cell phone, credit cards and the handgun that was used. It turns out the handgun was stolen in

Clemens says it's possible more charges could be filed.

"At this point no other people have been charged. I guess we will wait and see how that turns out. We'll have to talk to the State's Attorney Office. Certainly, there is potential for other charges."

Clemens says 24-year-old Mohamed Diomande was arrested and charged with first degree robbery, possession of stolen property, possession of stolen property, and possession of drug paraphernalia.