Here is the latest from Gene Hetland of KSOO-AM:

Sioux Falls police are looking for a man who is believed to have pulled a gun on an officer late Thursday night.

Officer Sam Clemens says the officer was on a routine after-hours patrol at Tuthill Park shortly before 11:00 pm when he saw the man in his rear-view mirror near the top of the sliding hill.

Clemens says the officer got out of his car and as he walked closer, he could see something in the man’s right hand:

The suspect ran to the north, and while the officer was not injured, it's not known if the man was hit or if he has any injuries.

A search of the park turned up no blood or trace of the man, but the search was continuing in the daylight.

The man is described an Caucasian or light-skinned, five-feet-six to five-feet-eight, wearing a black stocking cap, black or blue winter coat and dark-colored pants.

Anyone with information is being asked to contact Sioux Falls Police or Crimestoppers.