Police have arrested a Sioux Falls man who allegedly kicked his eight-year-old daughter earlier this week.

Information Officer Sam Clemens says police had information that the suspect was working at a restaurant at East 10th Street and Cleveland Avenue.

He says they went there around 1am Wednesday and found the man in a break room, trying to barricade the door.

Clemens says the suspect told police he had a knife and would harm them if they came in, but after officers used pepper spray, the man put his knife down and followed their instructions.

Clemens says Colin Tibbetts, 31, was charged with abuse or cruelty to a minor over the age of 7, aggravated assault on law enforcement, obstruction and resisting arrest.

Tibbetts was wanted for an incident Monday night in the 900 block of South Foster Avenue that involved police negotiators and the SWAT team.