An an effort to build relationships with residents in the Pettigrew Heights neighborhoods has led the Sioux Falls Police Department to begin a summer program called "Walk a Block With a Cop."

Lieutenant Galen Smidt, who commands the Northwest Quadrant, says the program, which begins in June, will have night shift officers spending an hour twice a week walking with residents in the central Sioux Falls neighborhood.

Smidt says they hope to foster an environment with residents of open communication, cooperation and trust:

Lieutenant Galen Smidt Talks About 'Walk a Block with a Cop':

Smidt says the meetings between officers and residents will be held twice a week, from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. from June through September. He says officers have been conducting bike and foot patrols in Pettigrew Heights, and he says the new program is being started to expand those efforts.

The program will focus on the area between 9th and 14th Streets from Minnesota Avenue to Grange Avenue.