By Madeline Shields,

A Sioux Falls City water department crew spent more than 24 hours repairing four separate water main breaks beginning around 6 am Thursday morning and completing the work Friday before noon.

Frigid temperatures are to blame for the problems. Greg Anderson, Sioux Falls Water Superintendent said water main breaks are common during freezing temperatures.

"Cold weather puts frost in the ground.  Typically this time of year we’d like to see snow cover and a wet soil. Dry ground enhances the problems allowing the frost to get into those underground pipes," said Anderson.

The breaks occurred at 4005 South Holbrook, 2712 S. Lyndale, 41st & Sertoma  and 813 South Roberts Drive.

Anderson said once a break is reported crews respond first by isolating the break and shutting off water for 300-600 feet of pipe. They can’t begin repairing the water main until all underground infrastructure are located.  This includes, phone lines, cable, electricity, gas lines, sewer, storm sewers and pump lines.

Anderson said his workers spent 24 hours outdoors in the -35 degree weather.

"This group that works for the Sioux Falls water department are the best. They are motivated and dedicated to getting their jobs done. I didn’t hear one single complaint about  working in the cold, overnight."

The crews are equipped with cold weather clothing and boots for working in sub-zero temperatures.

Water is restored to all customers affected by the water main break. No boil order was ordered.