Sioux Falls, SD, August 13th, 2014 – The Sioux Falls Rhinos Hockey program is known for their fall hockey camp and spring 3 on 3 league, but this year they will expand their offering to include a competitive winter league for kids from 5 – 18 that allows them to play and compete with other kids from Sioux Falls.

“Hockey has always been a big commitment for parents and we want to provide an opportunity for kids to enjoy the sport, without the family giving up all of their free time to be involved in it. We have an opportunity to offer training and games without even leaving the city limits. ”

-Roger Kasa, Director & Owner, Sioux Falls Rhinos Hockey

Sioux Falls Rhinos winter hockey:

• allows participation in hockey, while giving them time and space for other sports, hobbies and school activities

• instills a lifelong love of the game through a blend of hard work and fun

• allows kids to spend time on their home ice for practice sessions designed to build skills

• holds on to a world in which you can love a game without dedicating yourself (and your parent) to it full time

• teaches new skills in an environment that promotes growth and challenge

• allows players to be physically active, gain confidence and feel connected socially

• ends the sacrifice of every weekend for tournaments and multiple games, many of which are on the road, offering a more economical solution for Sioux Falls families

"Sioux Falls has a large population that is not choosing hockey due to the huge commitment that it took in the past to participate. This is a great alternative and we expect families to really enjoy it and we expect to see it really take off.”

-Roger Kasa, Director & Owner, Sioux Falls Rhinos Hockey

To get more information call Roger Kasa at 605-988-4661.  Or check out their website,