The Sioux Falls Skyforce begin their Silver Anniversary season with a new floor and facility at the Sanford Pentagon and a mostly new crew in place.  The Miami Heat are the caretakers of the players and have some good stock in place.

In a shrewd maneuver, the Skyforce dealt Jarvis Varnado a piece of the Heat’s championship team to the Iowa Energy for the Energy’s first round NBADL draft choice.  That selection is Quincy Douby who comes to the Skyforce with a distinguished list of accomplishments.

A 2006 first round draft choice from Rutgers, Douby left the Scarlet Knights as a Junior to be taken by the Sacramento Kings.  With 143 NBA games over three seasons, Douby has realized which improvements were needed to log game number 144 and beyond.  “My leadership skill has been improving. Just talking to the younger guys (about the game).  I’m a great offensive player, great shooter and I added different aspects to my game like pick and roll, passing the ball, getting guys easier shots.  I think I’m going to help out the team a lot.  I’m looking forward to it.”

Douby is also excited about the Heat organization’s involvement with the Skyforce which helped his decision to use the D-League as his path.  “I know every team around the NBA knows the staff here was the staff for the Miami Heat.  So they’re going to bring that same attitude, same work ethic.  Miami is the team that everybody wants to be.  I’m learning a lot from (Head Coach) Pat Delany and the coaching staff.  It’s going to be a great opportunity and a great time here.”

Beyond the scope of his NBA exploits, Douby has logged some time in the NBA Development League which he quickly parlayed into a call-up to the Toronto Raptors in 2009.  In the interim the playing time has included international stops in Turkey, Spain, Lebanon, Jordan with a couple of stints in China.  It was January 2 of this year while playing in China that he scored 75 points in a game to set a Chinese Basketball League record.  Douby says the event was not planned.  “We were struggling before that game and I just saw an opportunity to help my team win.  I was on fire.  A lot of my shots were knocking down so I was just being aggressive.  I wasn’t even paying attention to the score.  Then I looked up, I saw I had 69 points and I was like, ‘Let me see if I can get more.’  We had the game secure and a respectable lead so Coach took me out.  I wound up playing 33 minutes that game and the games go for 48 minutes.  If I would have stayed in the whole game I think I possibly could have scored 100.”

While he is in Sioux Falls, Douby wants it known he’s not just a guy who can let it fly.  “I’m ready to show the improvements in my game.  I want to show NBA teams I’m not just a scorer.  I can do other things.  I’m a combo guard. I can run a set offense, get others involved and not just look for my shot.”   If Douby can back up those final words, he may just get his NBA shot.