There was little doubt that the irony was hanging in the air like the stubborn clouds overhead.  On Wednesday night in Sioux Falls, groups of girls 10 years old and below were playing slowpitch softball at McCart Fields.

The conditions were less than ideal.  Temperature: 52 with a light rain and North wind at 12 was the National Weather Service reading at the time games were played.  Very close to the McCart Field location is Sioux Falls Stadium.  The Sioux Falls Canaries play there.  However their scheduled game with the St. Paul Saints was postponed due to the conditions.  Really?  Yes the professionals did not play while the youngsters toiled away.

Should we now question the manhood of baseball players who get paid to play?  You could.  However the most feasible reason for calling off the game Wednesday and playing a double dip Thursday is that the people who pay to watch the games would have been miserable in the mist.  Unless the Canaries want to change their name again to some sort of waterfowl, their decision will be deemed wimpy but prudent.