As the snow removal efforts continue in Sioux Falls, a clarion call is given to those who are parking on the street on unplowed streets.

Sioux Falls Police has seen an increase of parking tickets issued during the latest snow alert. Captain Greg VandeKamp says officers are willing to do what is asked of them during the conditions.

“Our officers would just as soon ride down the street and not find any cars (parked) on the street,” VandeKamp says. “Getting out, walking through snow drifts and hanging tickets on buried cars is not exactly a priority. It’s a necessity, unfortunately.”

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VandeKamp also wants to clarify how the text messaging system works. Citizens can sign up to be notified of a snow alert, but the system has limitations. “Be aware these text alerts are a one-time notice of the snow emergency. After that it’s up to the individual know where they are in the city and how they are affected by what zone. You will not get an additional text when they will be plowing in your area.”

As of Wednesday morning 199 tickets had been issued to motorists who left their cars on the street. The plowing operations will continue until early Thursday morning.