Congratulations to Virjean Fejfar, our first Sioux Falls Super Mom! She was submitted by her daughter Kayla Voss. You can read her story below.

She is the winner of our special Mother's Day Grand Prize package which includes a $500 gift certificate to Raymond’s Jewelers, a dozen roses from Gustaf’s Greenery, a $100 gift card for Foley’s Fish, Chop and Steakhouse, and movie passes for four.

In second place was Nicole Dewar, who was submitted by her daughter Ashley Clements. In third was Shawnya McGregor, who was submitted by her daughter Caitlynn McGregor. Both Nicole and Shawnya win a prize package that includes $50 in gift certificates to Abblebee’s, a dozen roses from Gustaf’s Greenery and movie passes for four.

Congratulations to all our winners, and all the moms in Sioux Falls who do so much for so many. We wish you all a wonderful Mother's Day!


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    Virjean Fejfar

    Submitted by Kayla Voss

    I wish 'Super' was a big enough word for my mom because I've been searching for the right word. My mom exceeds all things that one would expect from the roll of motherhood. She is the strongest woman I know. Life has been hard on her since she was small but she has taken all those hardships and turned them around to make her better and stronger. I struggled most of my life with self-acceptance which led to a severe eating disorder. I turned away from my family, especially my mom. But she never once gave on me. My mom fought for me when I had no more fight left. She prayed, she cried, and prayed some more. She was right there when I finally broke down and realized how much I not only needed her but wanted her. To this day she is a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen (even when I call her at 3 in the morning). Several times she has left work or dropped whatever she was doing to rush over when I needed to talk to or cry to or just want to see her. My mom sacrifices every day for her family. I am the middle child of 3 and we are all grown up and moved out by now but that hasn't stopped her from being Mom. She will work over overtime for no pay and no sleep so that she can catch up enough to fly to Ohio and help my sister with her new baby and 2 small girls. She basically stayed awake for a week so that my sister could finally sleep. My momma's heart is so, so big... especially when it comes to her family but also when it comes to anyone! She has amazing gifts in design and decorating, cooking and baking, home repair and refinishing and has a desire to share these gifts for others for no pay.. she just wants them to be happy. She sincerely cares for people. My mom is also an amazing wife and loves my dad so much. She is a shining example to us kids what it means to be a mother, a wife, a grandma and a lover of people and life.  She has an amazing personality and is always getting others to laugh and smile. She'll be crazy goofy if it means it'll make us feel better. Her smile fills a room. There is no way, without writing a book, to put all the ways she is special in this little box. I just love my mom so much and I don't know where I would be without her. She's never say so but she deserves this beautiful gift. She does so much for so little. I love you Mom!!

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    Nicole Dewar

    Submitted by Ashley Clements

    My mother is not only a great person but is a fantastic person. She has overcome a lot of adversity in her lifetime as a mother. After having me twenty years ago she finished her bachelors degree and went on to start her masters degree, all the while being a single mother and working to full time jobs. Two years after she had me she had my little sister, Chloe, and we moved down south to be with my father. While living in the south my mother faced racism from both African Americans and Caucasians, for having a blended family; which wasn't as common back then as it is now. Yet even in that situation she stayed strong and instilled in my sister and i, a sense of pride in who we are and a great work ethic. My mother and my father did not stay together, they separated two years after moving down south. My mother did a great job raising my sister and I as a single parent, without hel p and support from my father or anyone else for that matter. When my sister had her baby at an early age my mother was there to help. She didn't judge my sister and never said my nephew was a mistake. She stood by my sisters side and helped my sister through her pregnancy and went to every baby class with her. Her grandson Theodore is the light in her life. My mom has always done social work, and now works and Prairie View Prevention and a drug and dependency councilor, her students look up to her and she cares a great deal about them and their success in life. Its very hard for their stories not to effect her at home. Just this year she had a surgery to remove two large tumors from her uterus, she was given two months for medical leave, yet only took two weeks so she could get back to work with her students. She always puts herself one hundred percent into what she does. These are but a few of the reasons my mom is a very deserving super mom.

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    Shawnya McGregor

    Submitted by Caitlynn McGregor

    Mom mom is SUPER! She is a first AND second grade teacher. She loves everyone's children. In a way her students are her children to.(Here is a fact teaching isn't easy for all you that think teachers are lucky for having summers off. And MOST of it is spent planning, cleaning their classroom, budgeting, and doing whatever they have to to make next year a success!) She has to teach probably the most messy, rotten kids ever! Not only that she tutors kids in elementary after school and in the summer. She still comes home and puts a happy face on for her three kids and cooks a delicious meal for her family. She would do anything to make sure we stay safe and happy. The whole year she will be driving us three back and forth to numerous practices, games, and camps.She will surprise my dad by doing the cow chores. My mother won't baby us - which is why I love her. I guess you c ould say she is raising us the old fashioned way. She won't spoil and serve our every need, but she'll make sure we get what we need and then some. She is teaching us to become respectful, kind, and considerate. And I love her for that. My mom can teach you anything you need to know to helping me tame a calf for 4-H. No other mom can compete. My mom my not be a super model or she may not be rich and famous. But my mom has brought me and my brother and sister in this world, and she deserves to be queen for a day. She would race across the world if it meant my siblings and I grow up happy. She would leap through fire for my dad. My mom may not be what you think is a good mother, but in my heart no other could compare. I think my mom deserves to be but first for once. If you think anyone else can compare, well I guess you must have had a different kind of loving mother as my mother.My mom deserves some time off from her family and win that prize package!