One man is in custody and another is being sought for an attempted robbery of a cab driver in Sioux Falls Friday night.

Police officer Sam Clemens says the cabbie picked up two men on West Pebble Creek Road and was taking them to an address on North Homestead Circle.

The driver told police the two men were in the back seat and were speaking Spanish, which he didn't understand.

At some point, one of the men reached forward, put the driver in a headlock and began punching him.

The men told the 44-year-old cab driver to give them his money. But when the driver stopped, the man who had attacked him got out and ran.

Clemens says the cab driver got out of the car and locked the doors from the outside, so the man inside couldn't get out until police arrived.

He says 44-year-old Arnoldo Sanchez-Morales of Sioux Falls was charged with second-degree robbery.

The other man is still being sought.