Sioux Falls Washington will celebrate National Girls and Women in Sports Day this year by honoring 54 student-athletes.

National Girls and Women in Sports Day were established in 1986 by the United States Congress. Each year, organizations around the country recognize female athletes for their achievements. Sioux Falls Washington honors a group each year.

The coaching staffs at Washington nominate extraordinary athletes that are participating in South Dakota High School Activities Association sponsored sports. 54 total athletes were selected this year from basketball, cross country, competitive dance and cheer, golf, gymnastics, soccer, tennis, track and field, and volleyball.

These athletes will be honored before the start of the Washington girls varsity basketball game against Roosevelt on January 21.

  • Abigail Van Westen
  • Abigail Witt
  • Alyssa Wiseman
  • Anna Anderson
  • Anna Vroman
  • Ashtin Wessels
  • Autumn Hullinger
  • Brooke Wilson
  • Caitlyn Wolfgang
  • Cassidy VanNoort
  • Daisy Barrera
  • Danica Zimmer
  • Durga Gajmer
  • Elise Hyz
  • Eliza McCallum
  • Emma Johnson
  • Gabrielle Reck
  • Grace Loeschke
  • Ivy Kraft
  • Jacee Johannsen
  • Jenna Thorstenson
  • Jordyn Waltman
  • Kaelah Holiday
  • Kaitlin Seten
  • Kassidy Haberman
  • Katelyn Severson
  • Katherine Jansen
  • Khot Juac
  • Kia Gjoraas
  • Kiahna Bonrud
  • Laura Petterson
  • Lauren Helmbrecht
  • Leah Barber
  • Mackenzie Wynia
  • Macy Skiles
  • Madeline Nelson
  • Madelynn Aeilts
  • Mary Christensen
  • Megan Richardson
  • Melia Dockter
  • Mendoza
  • Morgan Bischoff
  • Nyaleda Turuk
  • Pema Sherpa
  • Phekran Kong
  • Ranjana Sanyasi
  • Rebecca Small
  • Renecca Nichols
  • Reyanne Flock
  • Sara Schavee
  • Selena Gonzales
  • Skyla Sanders
  • Sussely Avila
  • Sydney Lather

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