A Sioux Falls woman was arrested on assault and kidnapping charges Monday night after a fight with her mother.

Officer Sam Clemens says police were called around 9:00 pm to the home the women share. He says the mother's boyfriend had been there and when he left, the woman's 21-year-old daughter couldn't find her keys, and she believed the boyfriend had taken them.

"This led to an argument between mom and her daughter. And eventually her daughter ended up grabbing a knife and threatening mom," explained Clemens. "After the argument happened the daughter began throwing things and mom tried to leave the house. Her daughter prevented her, actually pulled her back inside multiple times from a couple different doors."

Clemens says the mother was able to get the knife away from her daughter, and he says 21-year-old Katrina Leigh James was arrested for domestic aggravated assault and second-degree kidnapping.