OK, it's one thing to rip an opponent over what you think was - to paraphrase the Nationals' Bryce Harper - a clown move, but it's another thing entirely to go after your opponent's wife.

In Saturday's game between the Rangers and Athletics, Texas pitcher seemed to take great offense to Eric Sogard laying down what was in effect a logical bunt in the bottom of the 7th. It was obvious to anyone that could even marginally read lips that Garza referred to Sogard as a... well, a combination of rough sex and 'mommy parts.' You can view a GIF of Garza here.

Apparently, following the game, Kaycee Sogard came to the defense of her husband, which sent Garza off on a sexist Twitter rant:


Garza has since apologized... sort of:


For that, and his initial rant, Garza is our Skrewed Up Dude of the Week!