Sioux Falls Skyforce President Mike Heineman joined Wednesday’s edition of Overtime with Jeff Thurn. 

Heineman and the Skyforce have a single affiliation partnership with the Miami Heat of the NBA. Last year, Sioux Falls was 31-19, and fell short in the NBA Developmental League playoffs against Fort Wayne in the semifinals.

Thurn asks Heineman if the Heat are closer to naming a head coach for the Skyforce, and much more. Listen to the full interview right here:

Is it difficult to wait for the Miami Heat to hire a head coach for the Skyforce?

"It's not too bad honestly. I was just talking to Andy Ellsburg a couple of nights ago, and they are in pretty good contact with us to let us know what is going on. So, it's not like we are sitting around waiting. They are in communication with us and telling the progress. They are just making sure they hire the right guy. I think this is a pretty big year for them as far as the hybrid, and have some guys they can send down to develop. It's important they get the right guy and it's not urgent we have a coach. Obviously from a front office and fans perspective, you would like to know, but honestly until mid-to-late September, it really isn't an urgent thing."

Have the Heat told the Skyforce if they will stay in-house, or look elsewhere for a head coach? 

"Everything's on the table. I don't think they quite know what they want to do. They just want to find the right guy, whether that's inside the organization or outside. I think they are looking at last year where they wanted to stay in-house and hired Pat (Delany), who was a pretty good employee of theirs. This year they are looking for the best guy whoever that is in-house or someone not in that organization."

Delany was named an assistant coach for the Charlotte Hornets.

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