Your wallets won't receive respite until the year's over, gamers. And if you're looking forward to Skylanders: Swap Force, then you should probably just mail your wallet to Activision right now, making it your first swap.

The new trailer for Skylanders: Swap Force features some of the older Skylanders trying to do what their new brethren can do and partner up with each other in order to mix and match their powers. The attempts to combine strengths are not so successful and they end up watching the pros swap their parts in order to get cooler abilities.

According to the game's lore, a volcano that acts as a source of Skylands' magic erupted and blasted the SWAP Force to Earth. As a result, they gained the ability to swap powers with each other by switching body parts. It's up to you to collect them all and combine them for over 250 abilities.

Watch the trailer above and look out for the Swap Force when the game is released on Oct. 13.