We appreciate the art of gijinka here on Arcade Sushi, so we thought we'd help combat this sleepy Tuesday with a fine example of gijinka inspired by Snorlax, the sleeping Pokemon from the Pokemon series.

Snorlax might be most famous for blocking our path in Pokemon Red and Blue, just casually sleeping in the middle of the road. But with the assistance of a Pokeflute, this big bellied beast can be roused from its nap and even caught. Though it's rotund and always seems to sleep, having a Snorlax on your team can be a boon because of its great strength and ability to eat almost anything.

Here is ~H~ in her Snorlax gijinka. She was inspired by the Pokemon's original colors and decided to portray it with darker hues. The little apron-like part of her sundress represents Snorlax's large belly, which makes this gijinka even cuter, especially when you compare how big the Pokemon is. If we found her blocking our path, we wouldn't even be annoyed!

Check out more of her cosplay work on her Cosplay.com profile and let us know what you think of her extensive catalog of cosplays.


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