Even though the Sioux Falls Skyforce lost on Friday night to the Maine Red Claws, their "Social Media Night" was a success.

A new trend amongst teams, the Sioux Falls Skyforce media relations department along with 9 Clouds and Click Rain, did a great job of putting on a successful event.

Throughout the night, they gave away numerous prizes through their Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as utilizing texting to promote and giveaway additional items.

In addition, the players who have twitter accounts had their twitter handles on the back of their jerseys and even J.D. the PA announcer had his twitter handle on his shirt.

As I monitored twitter during the game, it seemed as though individuals at the game as well as those who were not in attendance were participating at a good rate.

The feedback that I got from fans was all positive, with many expressing their delight that the Skyforce did such an evening.

As if all the work the Skyforce front office did to put on the evening needed any confirmation of a success, Darren Rovell, Sports Business Reporter on ESPN took note and sent out a tweet featuring the Skyforce Jerseys following their game.

All in all, I tip my hat to Brett Hansen and all the front office personnel and proudly say #WellDone.