A legislative proposal in my opinion, paints women as not too bright, and not able to make important decisions without help from the all knowing state government.

It is  HB 1237 in the South Dakota Legislature. The purpose of this law is to make the waiting period for women seeking an abortion, longer.

Currently, the waiting period is 72 hours. The longest in the nation. If approved HB 1237 will exclude week-ends and holidays from the 72 hours, adding a minimum of 24 hours and up to another 72 hours if it is a three day week-end. Six days, instead of the current three.

The proposal passed the House Judiciary Committee on a 9 yes, 2 no vote. As of 2 pm on Feb. 19th it is not on the full House schedule for a vote.

Our state has a history of being "pro life." However, in two public votes in the past nearly seven years voters have in essence said, "our laws on the subject of abortion are comprehensive enough, we don't need any more."

Yet, some legislators we send to Pierre continue to push for more restrictions.

If legislators would pass a bill which would fully fund the pre- and post natal care of all pregnant women in the state, then I wouldn't object to their restrictions, since they would be paying for the full cost of care. But they won't, which in my opinion shows the hypocrisy of current and past proposals and their votes.

If women legislators were leading the charge on this issue, I would be inclined to listen to the rhetoric more openly. The prime sponsor of this bill and most of the other sponsors are men.

It figures.