Can't get enough of Sonic: Lost World? Then take comfort in the fact that some nifty new downloadable content is heading your way, the first of which is a stage fashioned after Yoshi's Island.

Today's Nintendo Direct gave us the news that two new pieces of DLC would be coming down the chute for Sonic: Lost World. Both of these pieces of DLC will feature stages that are inspired by Nintendo games. The first one arriving is a stage based on the Yoshi's Island series, called Yoshi's Island Zone.

Yoshi's Island Zone uses all of the fabric-filled aesthetics we've come to know from the Yoshi games and even uses all of their trappings, such as Shy Guys, pipes and Yoshi eggs. All of these elements are combined with those of Sonic games, so you get a Yoshi's Island-like stage with loops and all kinds of speed-friendly platforming.

The DLC is available now for download at no cost to you. The second piece of Nintendo-themed DLC will be revealed later. But for now, enjoy running through the Yoshi-tastic new zone on the Wii U.