This new trailer for Sonic: Lost World lets us get up-close and personal with the Deadly Six. Meet the bad guys and see what they're all about.

The video showcases each member of the Deadly Six and allows us to know a little about their personalities. The Deadly Six are a group of aliens called Zeti that rise up against Eggman when he tries to harness their powers. Whoops.

First up is Zazz, the lanky, ill-tempered member who wouldn't look out of place at a metal show. Next up is Zomom, the rotund Zeti with an appetite for destruction -- and most edible things. Master Zik is the oldest and wisest of the group, having served as Zavok's teacher. Zeena is the only gal in the Deadly Six and is known as a cold-hearted chick. Zor, the gloomy-looking fellow, is perpetually depressed and acts as a spy for the group. Finally, we have Zavok, the beefy leader of the group.

Watch the trailer above to see them all in action and look for the crew when they go up against Sonic on Oct. 29 on Nintendo Wii U and 3DS.