Usually when we hear about a controversy surrounding the Confederate Flag we assume it must be somewhere in the South. Maybe Alabama, Mississippi or one of the Carolina's.

Well, this one is in the South alright...but it's South Dakota.

According to the Associated Press, the Stars and Bars is flying again in Hot Springs.

Two confederate flags were removed from historical displays at the southwestern South Dakota hospital last week after some patients complained that they represented racism.

VA Black Hills Health System Director Steve DiStasio tells the Rapid City Journal that the flags were returned to the displays Tuesday as "a reflection of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for America." He says the original purpose of the Hot Springs hospital was to care for Civil War veterans.

The outcry so far in South Dakota has been suprsisingly muted, opposite to the protests that have been seen in states like South Carolina, which saw considerable outcry both for and against the removal of the Confederate flag from the state capitol.

Desert Storm veteran Craig DeMouchette says he understands the historical value of the flags but still objects to their display in a government building. He says they belong in a museum.

It remains to be seen if the return of the flags brings out future protests.