There was a time here is South Dakota when you had to turn your six-shooters in to the sheriff once you arrived inside the city limits.  You could pick them up again on your way out of town.  I'm a guesin' they had a reason for such doin's?  Perhaps they didn't want them there cowboys a gittin' all drunky drunk and shootin' up Maw Dumpster's Whiskey Sippin' Saloon?  Well, there seems to be a movement afoot to perhaps return us to the good 'ol days of the Old West.  The proposal is to let all "law abiding" citizens conceal and carry guns, no permit required?  Here, as reported by,is what 2 South Dakota lawmakers are proposing:

  Two of South Dakota's legislators on opposite ends of the state have announced a bill repealing the penalty for carrying a concealed handgun without a permit, among other repeals.  Republican Representative Lance Russell, Hot Springs, and Republican Senator Ernie Otten, Tea, have introduced House Bill 1010, the South Dakota "Constitutional Carry Bill." The South Dakota "Constitutional Carry Bill" removes the penalty for carrying a concealed handgun without a permit. It eliminates government mandated background-checks for law-abiding citizens and does away with the fee and the waiting period currently required in obtaining the permit. The bill has won strong support from the National Association for Gun Rights, which has 1.6 million members and supporters nationwide, including more than 3,000 members in South Dakota. The National Association for Gun Rights played a key role in making Constitutional Carry the law in Wyoming just last year. "This common-sense bill provides safety for South Dakota families and matches the clear intent of the Second Amendment," Rep. Russell said in a news release. The bill also leaves the pistol permit system in place for those who want a permit for concealed carry reciprocity in other states. "Criminals don't stop to get a permit before they commit a crime with a handgun," said Zach Lautenschlager, a Senior consultantfor South Dakota Gun Owners and the Field Director of the National Associationfor Gun Rights. "But the permit does keep some law-abiding people from defending themselves, and restricting the right to self-defense actually helps cause terrible tragedies like the Aurora and Newtown shootings."

So what do you think?  Should we be able to just strap on a side arm and head out to do our shopping, or go to the Empire Mall, or maybe hit the bars downtown?