This weekend is the 4th of July and many South Dakota residents will be heading out to state parks for a long weekend of camping, fishing, kayaking or any one of a dozen outdoor sports.

The one thing they should not be heading out to parks to do is set off fireworks. The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks is asking visitors to leave them at home. Not only is it not safe, it's illegal.

According to Doug Hofer, state parks director, campgrounds are traditionally busy with campers and other visitors enjoying the parks during this time period.

"Combining fireworks and large numbers of people creates a dangerous situation," said Hofer. "We appreciate it when visitors do their part to  help keep the parks safe and fun."

Discharging fireworks is prohibited on all lands owned or leased by GFP. The ban includes state parks, recreation areas, lakeside use areas, game production areas and nature areas. Discharging fireworks is also illegal within the boundaries of the Black Hills Forest Fire Protection District, national forests and national parks in South Dakota.

So, enjoy everything the state's parks have to offer. Just leave the explosives at home.