Monday, 32 runners from South Dakota signed up to run the Boston Marathon, and all 32 completed and finished the Boston Marathon. None were injured in the race.

The top finishers from the state was Thomas Madut of Mitchell with a time of 2:29 (66th overall), and Justin Schweitzer of Sioux Falls (2nd best in SD, 200th overall with a time of 2:37:59). 

All in all, Bruce Allen of Flandreau, Michael Waldera of Sioux Falls, Mike Erger of Sioux Falls, M. Gregorgy Desautel of Sioux Falls, Luke Maclean of Custer, Greg Warzecha of Harrisburg, Frederick Dolan of Mitchell, Torri Vette of Spearfish, Ed Thomas of Sioux Falls, David Mallams of Rapid City, Sarah Askdal of Brandon, Erika Zink of Watertown, Tom Batta of Waterton, Kelli Wilson of Piedmont, Joanna From of Rapid City, Gretchen Peterson of Sioux Falls, Dana Cushing of Brandon, Jaime Erger of Harrisburg, Jacqueline F. Palfy Klemond of Sioux Falls, Holly Kopplin of Piedmont, Rich Hanson of Sioux Falls, Peter Holland of Sioux Falls, Bess Wyszynski of Colman and Kimberly Adams of Brandon safely finished the race.