The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel has approved a series of changes for men’s basketball for the 2015-16 season, mainly designed to increase scoring and improve the flow of games.

The biggest changes include reducing the shot clock from 35 seconds to 30, expanding the arc under the basket (where players are not allowed to take charges) by one foot, and giving teams one fewer second half timeout.

South Dakota State men’s coach Scott Nagy told Brookings Radio he doesn’t believe the changes are in the best interest of the game:

Other changes that go into effect next season:

  • Coaches will no longer be allowed to call timeouts during live ball situations.
  • With a few exceptions, teams will get just 10 total seconds to advance the ball past half court, instead of resetting the clock if there is a stoppage.
  • Teams will have 15 seconds, instead of 20, to make a substitution when a player fouls out.
  • Allow for replay reviews for potential shot clock violations.
  • Penalizing players for faking fouls.
  • Making Class B technical fouls, such as hanging on the rim and delay of game, one-shot infractions instead of two.
  • Removing the prohibition on dunking during warm-ups.
  • Eliminating the five-second rule when a player is dribbling.

As for the women’s game, the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved a proposal allowing women's teams to go to four 10-minute quarters instead of two 20-minute halves. That move would bring the NCAA women’s game into compliance with international and WNBA rules.

South Dakota State women’s coach Aaron Johnston told Brookings Radio he understands why the changes are being implemented and realizes there are a lot of off the court factors that made these new rules necessary: