South Dakota State fell to North Dakota State on Saturday at the FargoDome in an FCS Playoffs Quarterfinal matchup. The end result didn't go the Jacks way, but they did successfully run the most entertaining play of the game.

When you think of trick plays in football, your mind instantly moves to the Statue of Liberty or any common flea-flicker, but have you ever thought to use a hidden player in a trick play?

I've heard of the hidden-ball trick in baseball and have seen it work on nearly every level, but what South Dakota State ran is something out of a fairy tale.

This play couldn't have been drawn up any better, and the execution was flawless. How would North Dakota State's Chris Klieman even call a play to defend something like this?

My compliments to John Stiegelmeier and the South Dakota State coaching staff. I know Saturday wasn't quite what they were hoping for, but you can't argue that they didn't pull some tricks out of the bag.

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