The MLB Season is edging closer and closer to the mid-way point with the All-Star Game coming up on July 16th.

Every year with the All-Star Game, comes the controversy of who is playing. Yasiel Puig is at the center of that controversy this year.  The rookie outfielder for the LA Dodgers has exploded onto the scene and is currently batting over .400 since his call-up and is a fielding gem.

The Sporting News's Anthony Witrado joined Jeff Thurn on Overtime to discuss the controversy.

"If he's one of the best hitters right now he should be in All-Star game since counts for something," said Witrado.

Witrado went on to discuss the current situation with the Yankees and Alex Rodriquez.

"The Yankees don't like him. He's way more trouble than worth financially for them. Yankees are stuck with it"

Other news and notes were discussed in regards to the current headlines within MLB, so take a listen to the entire interview and enjoy.

Listen to the Full Interview with Anthony Witrado: