HARRISBURG, SD - A southeastern South Dakota golf course has been sold to a charitable organization in order to expand an historic state park.

The South Dakota Parks and Wildlife Foundation (SDPWF) announced Wednesday that it has purchased Spring Creek Country Club east of Harrisburg. The course borders Good Earth State Park, which is home to the Blood Run National Historic Landmark. The eastern portion of the course also lies within the boundaries of the landmark.

Spring Creek will remain open. The property will be leased by the club from the SDPWF for the next ten years. Then the property will be donated to the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks.

"This is part of our continuing commitment to a public-private partnership with the state that turns visions and dreams into reality,” said Jeff Scherschligt, SDPWF board member and project chairman.

The SDPWF raised $5.5 million for the project so far. An additional $2 million will be committed for Phase II.

“Today we celebrate another milestone in our journey to preserve this historic site with a unique opportunity to add 200 acres and protect the critical viewshed within the landmark boundaries. The Foundation is entering an exciting Phase II fundraising campaign to help finance this undertaking,” said Larry Ness, Foundation president.

Blood Run lies within South Dakota and Iowa and the preservation of the site is a joint initiative.

"Both states are part of this partnership contributing financial resources to achieve these important goals,” noted Doug Hofer, division director of the South Dakota Division of Parks and Recreation.

"We do anticipate the golf course will close at the end of the ten year lease agreement," GFP communications manager Emily Kiel said.