Former NBA player Spud Webb joins Jeff Thurn on Thursday's edition of Overtime. Webb played 11 seasons in the NBA for Atlanta, Sacramento, Minnesota and Orlando. Webb won the 1986 slam dunk contest over Dominique Wilkens. Webb is President of Basketball Operations with the Texas Legends. Hear his conversation with Thurn below:

Thurn asks Webb how he knew he would fit into the NBA when he entered the league as a rookie with the Atlanta Hawks in 1985-1996?

"Well you did know because there wasn't a guy my size playing. I just wanted to play. I loved playing the game. I just tried to fit in where my talents let me and whenever I got into a situation, I tried to look what's going on the team and how I can fit in and do better. How can I make the team better and that's how you become a player. Not only the talents, but you have to use your smarts."

What's a memorable moment from Webb's playing career? 

"Well it's just the dunk contest. That's something Doc Rivers told me I would never live down. I'm not joking. I swear to God I've never played in the NBA 12 years. When I go places, that's the way they introduce you and they always say I'm 1986 slam dunk champion, I'm thinking I played for 12 years...That's what I'm known for."

Is there a certain season Webb remembers? 

"My first four or five years in Atlanta, was a great group of guys that we should have won a championship. And we were unbelievable when Mike Fratello was coaching us. That's something I look back on. I got to play with that guy. That guy is the most unbelievable. Dominique (Wilkens), Moses (Malone), Reggie Theus, Mike McGee to Doc Rivers, Randy Wittman. I mean I played with some superstars and hall of famers and that's something you can cherish the rest of your life knowing that we are still friends."

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