Stan Kroenke is a very successful business man and is on the verge of his next venture. Kroenke is in the process of planning a new stadium in the Los Angeles area.

As reported by, Kroenke is teaming up with Stockbridge Capital Group to build a 80,000 seat stadium using no public funds. The stadium would be built in Inglewood, California, about 12 miles away from downtown Los Angeles.

The Rams and St. Louis have been discussing plans for a new stadium, however the two sides are still far apart in negotiations. With the NFL wanting a team back in Los Angeles, the wheels are turning for the Rams to move back to the city they played in from 1946-1994.

For a full view of stadium proposals in the Los Angeles area, visit the LA Times article detailing Kroenke's plan. Do you want the Rams to move to Los Angeles? Let us know on our Facebook page!